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The Granger Component Taxonomy Cheat Sheet

Here is a cheat-sheet-style summary of the component structure described in The Granger Component Taxonomy post, as written and imagined by Izaak Schroeder and Neal Granger. For the "why" of this post, see the Summary & Disclaimer at the bottom. Folder Structure...

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RancherOS 1.1.0 ZFS Resilvering Woes

This is a journal entry detailing the weeks of struggle involved with configuring and troubleshooting a ZFS drive arrangement with RancherOS. Completed RancherOS ZFS setup, worked fine Tested a hard fault (cable pull mid-10GB dd write) Resilvered ok, but Docker...

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Running Vault CLI From A Docker Container

The HashiCorp Vault binary can be accessed without polluting the host binary environment by using Vault within a Docker container. By using a Bash function we can pass arguments into a single-run Docker command: ```# Vault Docker single-run command aliasvault_run(){...

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Exploring Rancher Environment Manager (RaENV)

I'm having some terminal problems these days. Setting ENV vars is preventing me from using rancher-composeToo many Rancher environments to keep track ofOther stacks have environment managers (npmrc, rbenv, etc)Why not RAncherENVironment?Quick eval: Cobra looks good...

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